Did you know that the Mastiff is one of the oldest and most dignified dog breeds in the world? Originating from England, this breed is renowned for its massive size, strength, and a gentle demeanor. Mastiffs were historically used as guard dogs, protecting homes and estates, and were even employed in ancient times as war dogs by Roman soldiers. 

Despite their intimidating appearance, Mastiffs are known for their gentle and loving nature, often referred to as "gentle giants." They are incredibly loyal to their families and are good with children, making them excellent household pets. However, due to their size, they require plenty of space to move around and enjoy a moderate amount of exercise to stay healthy. 

The Mastiff's coat is relatively easy to care for, needing only regular brushing to keep it in good condition. This breed also holds the record for the world's heaviest and longest dog, with a Mastiff named Zorba weighing in at an astonishing 343 pounds (155 kg) in the late 1980s.

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