Did you know that the Collie is a distinct type of herding dog, including varieties such as the Border Collie and the Rough Collie? Known for their unwavering loyalty and intelligence, Collies have a rich history that dates back to the 19th century in Scotland and Northern England, where they were primarily used for herding sheep. 

The breed gained immense popularity through literature and television, most notably from the 1940s onwards, with the fictional character Lassie. This Rough Collie's adventures captivated audiences around the world, showcasing the breed's remarkable intelligence, agility, and the ability to perform rescue missions.

Collies are known for their graceful appearance, featuring a long, elegant neck, a lean body, and a lush mane of fur, especially in the Rough Collie variety. Their coat can come in several colors, including sable, tri-color, and blue merle. Beyond their physical beauty, Collies are cherished for their gentle and friendly demeanor, making them excellent family pets. 

They possess a strong herding instinct and are incredibly responsive to training, which reflects their history as working dogs. Additionally, their keen sense of awareness and protective nature makes them excellent watchdogs. Despite their medium to large size, Collies adapt well to various living conditions, provided they get enough exercise and mental stimulation. This breed's enduring popularity is a testament to its versatile abilities, from herding and agility competitions to being compassionate companions.

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