The story behind Imagined with AI!

This service was founded by a couple with a passion for art and technology. We came up with the idea for AI-generated portraits on our city trip to New-York in october 2022. Dreambooth was just introduced, we were jetlagged and thus the adventure began.

After playing around with the early stage technology, we immediately realised the potential this technology had. Many sleepless nights later, filled with experimentation and development - Imagined with AI was born.

My name is Silke and I am responsible for the marketing of Imagined with AI. I also help with (re)searching for new ideas to improve our service and making practical applications.
Sabatino, the man behind the tool, is a fulltime freelance developer who is fascinated by technology and more specifically - artificial intelligence. Together, we decided to start this website and offer people unique artwork of theirselves, their loved ones or their pets.

Each portrait is created using advanced AI algorithms, which are trained on the images you upload to generate one-of-a-kind pieces of art that are both expressive and personalised. We believe that our AI-generated portraits offer a new way for people to celebrate their loved ones, whether they are human or furry.

And with our easy-to-use online interface (or app!), anyone can create beautiful portraits in just a few simple steps.

We are constantly working to improve our AI algorithms and expand our range of portrait styles, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new. Thank you for visiting Imagined with AI and choosing us for your portrait needs!

With love, Sabatino & Silke