Chow Chow

Did you know that the Chow Chow, with its unique lion-like appearance and blue-black tongue, is one of the oldest dog breeds? Originating from China more than 2,000 years ago, this breed was used for various purposes, including hunting, herding, pulling sleds, and guarding. 

The Chow Chow's distinct features include a dense double coat that can be either smooth or rough, and a stern expression that hides a loyal and protective temperament. Despite their aloof and independent nature, they form strong bonds with their families. Fascinatingly, their blue-black tongue, which is one of their most distinctive characteristics, is not present at birth. Chow Chow puppies are born with pink tongues that gradually darken as they grow older. 

This ancient breed, also known as the "lion dog" or "puffy-lion dog" in China, symbolizes nobility and pride, reflecting their dignified and majestic presence.

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