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Ever Wondered What Your Furry Friend Might Look Like As A Cartoon?

From their majestic whiskers and their adorable paws, to their irresistible purrs that we know say “I’ve missed you”, your cats will be there for you when not many people are.

So if they’ve given you this much, why not treat them with something back?

Put Garfield to shame and show your cat that they’re 10 times as handsome with the power of AI!

Yes, AI has gotten this good, and is now capable of giving you 120 depictions of your cat in different styles!

Whether you’re a fan of the Disney art style and want to see them with big bright-shining eyes, or you want them to wear a Santa hat, you’ll get 120 versions to choose from!

How does it work?

Upload 10 images of your furry friend

Variety is very important. Upload photos with different backgrounds and poses in every picture for the best results.

We'll handle the training

Let us introduce our AI robots to them and teach them what makes your cat unique.

Get 120 new photos

You'll be alerted by mail when your new profile pictures are ready! With 120 images, you'll have plenty to choose from.

It’s That Simple, Yet Will Make Your Memories Together Live Forever.

Try it yourself

In your package of 120 photos are a variety of styles, including:


What happens to my uploaded images?

Your images are sent to an external training service and are then deleted.

Can I delete my generated images?

You can delete your generated images at all times by pressing the 'delete' button.

Do I get the resulting model?

The resulting model is available for download and can be used in most Stable Diffusion tools.